Fashion that FITS the YOU!

Welcome to the future sizing.

People come in different shapes and sizes. So why not our clothing?

 Tired of S / M / L ? 

The new favourite jacket just discovered in the shop stretches too much on the upper arm? The jeans grinds at the thighs, although the waist fits perfectly? The smaller size for the blazer seems too small, but the back of this one is still too wide?

Not with us. We help people, find their true size. 

With a simple camera scan of the mobile or tablet device, we get the biometric 3D measurements of the shopper and help him tomake the right choice out of our extraordinary wide range of sizes.

We are not speaking about Small and Tall

We are all the same

No Body is like the other. We are all the same in that. That´s why EveryFit is working with a maximum in sizes, based on a cleverly designed system of TrueSize, so that that fashion fits the YOU.

Perfect Measuring

It´s really easy to find the perfect sizing at EveryFit. Take a Whole Body photo with your device. You will get the best sizing based on your individual body instantly. You can start shopping, easy like that.

Best Fit Ever

Sure, you are used to buy one item in three different sizes, just to make sure that one may fit. But trust us, this recommended size will look perfect on you. Always.